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What I like about Irish telly

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Why is nearly all of the telly in Ireland funny? I don’t know if I have been working too many hours, or I am just so excited to watch tv in English, but Irish telly makes me giggle. Check out the videos below of my favorite commercials some are funny, some have great music.

I love the song,it is just a good commercial.

This one is so darn catchy. I start singing it every time someone uses the number 2.

Another great song. Thanks David Bowie!

Funny I don’t remember doing any of this when I turned 18.

This one with Pierce Brosnan makes me giggle.

I love his straight face throughout

You will never just say laptop again.

Plus Irish telly has an Irish channel, Which is my new favorite channel because Fraggle rock plays on it. I never knew the Fraggles could speak Irish. Pretty much I find Irish telly highly amusing, these all might not come from Ireland, but they are played here. We have also been watching Neighbours every day which is an Australian Soap, yeah it’s pretty addicting…

Do you have a favorite commercial?

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About the author: Jessica is a Professional Photographer with over 10 years of experience. She also has a love/hate relationship with writing and socks. Since January 13′ she has been traveling the world with a handsome bearded man who has been the Cheese to her Gluten-free Macaroni since she was a sprightly lass of 16. Look out for her first Photography book coming to a smart device near you Summer 2014!

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