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Travel Snapshot Thursday…(FREE T-SHIRT!)

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Rock Beach

Can you guess where this Travel Snapshot of a Rock Beach was taken? Be as specific as possible and the closet answer will get a FREE Big Travel Theory T-shirt mailed to them! Just leave a comment with your guess and the closet one wins.

Last day to enter will be March 1st, 2013

Contest Closed

Good job on the guesses.  This beach you see here is actually just outside of a little town called Seahouses, UK


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About the author: Jessica is a Professional Photographer with over 10 years of experience. She also has a love/hate relationship with writing and socks. Since January 13′ she has been traveling the world with a handsome bearded man who has been the Cheese to her Gluten-free Macaroni since she was a sprightly lass of 16. Look out for her first Photography book coming to a smart device near you Summer 2014!

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  • http://albertfmlv.blogspot.com/ Albert Fedotov


    pls send T-shirt directly to :
    Mr. Fedotov Albert
    address :
    Lielais prospekts 16-31

    Thanks and best rgrds

    • Clayton

      Thanks for the guess even though it is incorrect, only one person will win the t shirt and that won’t be decided for a couple of days.

  • Alyona Lyubivaya

    North Irland

    • Jessica

      Congrats Alyona!!! The picture is from a beach in Bamburgh England, and North Ireland is the closest guess! I just sent you an email about the details.

  • http://www.www.com Natalia


  • Ayesha

    Europe? :)

    • Clayton

      Getting close, It’s in the UK

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