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Texas Stereotypes After a Year Abroad

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After a year of exploring the world.  I never failed to get plenty of questions about Texas stereotypes, since that’s where we are from.  I had several people ask me things or tell me things about my own state that I had never thought of.  Perhaps you never notice when you live there, but it sure was interesting to hear the opinions of other people.

Here are a bunch of Texas stereotypes I heard about Texas and the USA in general.  Coming back, you always notice things that are different than when you left.  I like home and I like traveling, but I thought you might like to check them out for yourself.

texas stereotypes

Observations I heard

1.  You still ride horses to school don’t you.   I’m pretty sure that this hasn’t been going on for a while, but lots of people still think that we live in the wild west.

2.  You have about 300 options at a sandwich shop.  I would agree that this one is very true.  You have more options at one subway shop in the USA than you do in two or three at most places abroad.

3.  Texas has only one kind of geography.  I think most people don’t realize how huge Texas is.  Most people think there is only one kind of land and that we are much smaller.  Texas is bigger in size than every European country, except Turkey or Greenland but neither are in mainland western Europe.  Here’s the proof.  Countries by size. and the size of Texas is 696,241 sq. km.

4.  Why don’t bathroom stalls close properly?  I agree with this one.  Why don’t we make bathroom stall that close all the way.  I don’t really like being able to see out while I’m sitting on a toilet.

Things I notice about home now

1.  We have a ton of space.  We do have a lot of space and we use it.  Some countries force their residents to only build in certain approved areas that makes their cities stay condensed.

2.  Our BBQ really is amazing and tasty.  It was definitely worth the trip back.  Yeh, it’s that good to me.  I love eating Tex-Mex too.  I grew up eating it, so it makes me feel like I’m at home.

3.  Texas weather is more violent than almost every place I visited over the last year.  On average, we get more types and drastic kinds of weather than most of the places in Europe.

4.  I like having good customer service. America does have really good customer service.  You can generally get anything you want from someone who is at least trying to make you have a good customer experience.

You might already know some of these and what I’ve learned throughout the year is that everyone is different and that no where is perfect.

Home is home and you take it as it is.

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  • http://www.laviajeramorena.com Chanel

    People really asked you if you rode horses to school? That is quite funny.

    • http://www.thebigtraveltheory.com Clayton Collins

      Yeah, it has happened. I actually have been asked that by a lot of others from the USA too.

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