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On Top Of The Shard

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The angular masterpiece that now dominates the London Skyline is aptly named “The Shard”.  Designed by Renzo Piano The Shard is said to provide an unparallelled 360 degree view of London and 40 miles of the surrounding area. We decided to investigate this week and see for ourselves.

The Shard at sunset

We arrived at the Shard a few minutes before opening and waited in the cold with a small group of people to get in.  While the doorman was waiting for the go ahead to let us all in, he preceded to speak in coded messages on his radio and even included a couple of baseball like hand gestures…it was all very secretive looking. Finally a few minutes past 10am we were allowed in. After going through some airport like security we hit the elevators to the 69th floor where the first viewing platform is.

The elevators are super fast and have a whimsical changing digital ceiling to entertain you. It takes no time at all to reach the 69th floor and we were out and easily directed by smiling staff where to go. The view is pretty breathtaking when you stand with your nose to the glass, and if you look straight down you might just feel a teensy bit nervous…

The Eye

the shard


One of our favorite details was on the 69th floor. There are 12 of these (free) digital Tell:Scopes and they provide the viewer with scenes of London. You can see London at sunrise, daytime, and nighttime through the Tell:scope, it will also help you spot some 250 landmarks and give you information about them.

Tower Bridge

The view from the 72nd floor

On the 72nd floor which is the highest floor open to the public, you can enjoy the fresh air and listen to the sounds of London.

Christmas is coming

Clayton enjoying the view

Us on the Shard

Me and the pretty tree

If you are into really tall buildings and great views you should check out The View From The Shard. Tickets cost 24.95 for adults and 18.95 for children over 4. The price is pretty steep and honestly I wouldn’t pay to see it again. Granted it is a beautiful view, but seeing an extra 400-500 feet higher than other London views really doesn’t matter much to me. If you are interested in visiting the highest view of London here is a page with visitor information.

Have you been to The View From The Shard, what did you think?


This tour was provided by The View From The Shard, but as always all opinions are my own.


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About the author: A Professional Photographer with 10 years of experience, my husband and I decided to pack our bags and travel the world. I’m currently writing a photography book to be out in summer 2014.

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  • http://www.culturetripper.com Lesley Peterson

    Amazing photos–views are spectacular. And how fantastic is that the the viewing platform is open to the air. I didn’t think I’d like such a drastic change to the London skyline but couldn’t help but be awed by the Shard when I was in London last spring. Must go back to see it inside–there can’t be any views higher than these:o Loved this post!

    • http://www.thebigtraveltheory.com Clayton Collins

      It was pretty high up and I’m glad we were there on a clearer day so we could see the view.

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