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Murrisk, Crough Patrick, and a Reflection

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Nothing like hitch hiking to get your blood flowing.  It was the first time Jessica has ever hitch hiked and only the second for me.  Ireland is the only country that I have ever hitch hiked in and one of the few that I would even give it a shot.  We were walking down the road with our thumbs out and just seeing what would happen.  This really nice lady stopped and picked us up and conveniently  lived in Murrisk.  We had a great talk with the lady and she told us all about the places around the town and then dropped us off right at the bottom of the Crough Patrick, a famous mountain in Ireland.  Here is a website with more info on Crough Patrick.

Instead of climbing to the top like a dedicated person, I was just tired from leaving the island and didn’t want to do something so tiring because the journey to the top and back is estimated at 4 to 5 hours.  So instead I walked about 10 minutes up to the statue of St. Patrick.  The view looks out over the bay and we went on a day where half the sky was blue and the other half filled with dark clouds.  The sky looks totally different every ten minutes and we were just hoping for enough sunshine to finish our trip.

crough patrick statue

The statue at the base of the mountain

There is a famine memorial just across the street and so we went over there.  The memorial is a black ship that stands about 15 feet high and the ship is covered by skeletons.  Jessica and I had our packed lunch of ham and cheese sandwiches and lemonade at the memorial and couldn’t decide if eating at a famine memorial was a good or bad thing.  Hunger won out in the end and we ate the food there anyways.  The debate was left unanswered and I’m pretty sure that’s how I plan to leave it.

famine memorial statue

A somber famine memorial

Then just down the street only about a hundred yards was the ruins of a friary.  I love ruins and it’s really neat how many ruins you can find all Ireland.  The Murrisk Friary was really impressive sitting on the edge of Clew Bay.  The cemetery that surrounds the friary was peaceful and quiet and just seemed to match the mood that I felt out there.  Quiet ruins looking over the endless beach that gets covered with water every few hours by the tide.  It was a very peaceful and reflective moment.

murrisk friary

Murrisk Friary

Going from a pilgrim’s mountain to the famine memorial and friary made me think about my life and just maybe try to get a grip on what it was that made me leave everything and sell the rest to go on an adventure.  I took a look at who I was and where it was headed and then I finally realized that it wouldn’t mesh with where I really wanted to be.  It is a huge change in direction, but I wanted to be out doing my own thing much more than I wanted to stay where I was.  That realization was all the motivation I needed.  Now all I have to do is figure out how to keep it going.

cemetery at murrisk friary

The cemetery at Murrisk Friary

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