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Fish and Chips + Tower of London = Love

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The Tower of London, it’s a castle if you didn’t know, has long been an imposing part of London and has played quite an important role in it’s history.  But you know, there’s more in this one area of London than just an amazing castle packed with history, which you should make time for.  There just happens to be my absolute favorite fish and chips stall in all of London just across the way.  That’s right, it’s not in some fancy pub or restaurant, it’s just across the open area.  To heck with history, travel, and everything else.  Go eat fish and chips and MALT VINEGAR!!!!!!!


Tower of London, United Kingdom

Watch for Ravens! it’s a HUGE deal.  It might very well control the fate of the entire British Monarchy

Tower of London, United Kingdom

Here is my favorite shot of the castle.  It brings together the new and old of London.  A castle that has thousands of years of history with modern buildings behind it.  There really is a lot to do in London, for any person with any kind of interest.

My favorite view of the Tower of London

And now for a lesson in finding important buildings.  If you are ever in doubt about the significance of a building and what it means to a community, just go look for scaffolding.  Sound pretty weird right? Really though, there is almost always a bunch of scaffolding around old stuff because they are either fixing it, preserving it, or rebuilding it.

The White Tower on the grounds inside was like a castle in itself.  This place fills up with tourists fast, so just beware if you are heading there late in the day.  Inside the tower is a great exhibit of Arms and Armour as well as furniture that was owned by kings and queens of ages past.

The White Tower with Scaffolding, Tower of London

Try not to be too afraid.  There be ghosts, hauntings, killings, and lots of crazy things.  If you would like to find out some more history on the Tower of London, here is their official site at Tower of London.

P.S.  The best fish and chips in London are at the little shops just opposite the entrance area to the castle.  I didn’t know if you caught that part or not.

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