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Date Night in Downtown Cambridge, UK

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My sweet, how I long to take you on a romantic journey through an enchanting evening filled with laughter, quiet moments, and the joy of life.  What simple pleasures we can find by punting along the river and sharing a hot drink on a chilly winter’s eve.  These are the dates of legend and I hope, to some degree, to share with you some ideas for your own date night so that you too can have your own date night of legend.

We started our evening in the most romantic way possible, a bus ride.  Nothing says sexy like public transportation.  We started our date night journey in the afternoon.  The sun goes down around 4pm right now, so it gets dark quite early.  We went for a late afternoon snack at The Bath House where we had one of my favorite chicken sandwiches.  That was a mouthwatering blissful experience that I would love to repeat.  Next, to the punting.

We had a guided punting trip down the river Cam.  It was actually really nice.  A punt, for those who don’t know, is a small flat boat that is pushed around with a poll.  It’s a very beautiful stretch of river with several colleges and gardens backing up to it.  The tour is just under an hour and just the right length of time to enjoy it without taking too long.  You can get hour long guided tours or rent your own.  We paid £24 for the two of us.

The bridge of Sighs in Cambridge

The bridge of Sighs in Cambridge.

The view of St. John's College from our punt.

The view of St. John’s College from our punt.

oldest bridge in cambridge UK

The oldest bridge, built around the 1330s. You can see the the arch on the right is built weird. Learn your math kids.

We're all wrapped up to stay warm on our punting excursion.

We’re all wrapped up to stay warm on our punting excursion.

We had a walk around the outdoor markets and shops in town.  Cambridge is filled with a lot of very neat shops.  There are several that are filled with only handmade or unique items not found anywhere else.  These shops are fun to go in because you know you’ll find something neat.  It’s not at all like going into a large department store that carries the same thing as everyone else.

Looking down Rose Crescent from the market.

Looking down Rose Crescent from the market.

Ark.  One of the many shops that only sells unique items.

Ark. One of the many shops that only sells unique items.

Of course we had to stay warm, so we made our way to The Eagle and had some warm drinks to keep away the cold.  You can never have too much warm drink on a cold night.  The Eagle has some cool history to it.  The ceiling in the back is covered with military marks from World War 2.  Several groups put the name of their battalion on the ceiling and there is a plaque in the corner that tells the history.

A fancy cappuccino and an elderflower cordial.

A fancy cappuccino and an elderflower cordial.

We finished our evening by going to a choral performance at King’s College Cathedral.  (you can listen to them on their site) I really like choir performances and this is an excellent way to be a part of a community and see the inside of the cathedral at night.  The service lasts about 45 minutes and we were able to sit right next to the choir.  I really enjoyed going to hear them sing.  It is a service, so you will do some standing and listening as well.  Tours are about £4 a person, but the choir service is free to the public.

King's College cathedral is very impressive. cambridge UK

King’s College cathedral is very impressive.

We decided to end our evening there and head home to stay warm and finish our Harry Potter marathon.  We’re addicted for sure.

I’d love to hear your own date night stories.

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  • http://jdombstravels.com/ Jennifer

    Looks like a fun date night! We don’t really plan date nights anymore. Breaks at home are usually for catching up on some rest before heading off for the next adventure. But don’t feel sorry for us – we get plenty of romance when traveling. ;)

    • http://www.thebigtraveltheory.com Clayton Collins

      It was fun, and we definitely have plenty of those “inside” days where we don’t do much at all.

  • http://mackays-self-catering.co.uk/ Mellisa Turner

    Great article. The history of The Eagle was quite interesting. Amazing shots captured by you.

    • http://www.thebigtraveltheory.com Clayton Collins

      The Eagle was a really cool place to visit. You don’t notice it at first because it’s the RAF lounge in the back.

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